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Fuse Boards in Kingston and the Surrounding Areas | Upgrades From NICEIC Electricians

Barnes Electrical Ltd upgrade fuse boards for domestic customers in Kingston upon Thames and the surrounding areas. We’ve come across many homes in South West London that still have old-style fuse boards and replaced them for property owners at a competitive price. If you have an old fuse board in your building, it’s a good idea to think about upgrading to a new style Consumer Unit. Not only do the newer systems offer better protection for your household, but also ensure your electrical installations meet current BS 7671 regulations.

The main problem with old style fuse boards is that they were not always manufactured from a non-combustible material. This means they are a potential fire hazard and as the components deteriorate and connections loosen over time, the risk only worsens. A Residual Circuit Device (RCD) is also a key component not found in old fuse boards, that helps prevents shocks. It has in fact, been a regulation of new Consumer Units since 2008.

Fuse Board Upgrades

Unsure if your fuse board needs upgrading? Call in the professionals at Barnes Electrical Ltd. We’ll perform an inspection of your electrical installation to make sure everything is in alignment with current BS 7671 requirements. If our results indicate repairs or upgrades are needed, our electrician can offer advice and provide you with a free estimate for this. As a long-established and reputable company, we always provide an honest and reliable service.

To give property owners in Kingston upon Thames and the surrounding areas a good idea of when to consider replacing an old fuse boards, here a few key reasons for upgrading:

  • If your fuse board is more than 10 years old and has signs that the fuses are deteriorating
  • If your wiring is in poor condition, changing to a new system offers some protection until rewiring is carried out
  • If you are planning to rent out your property and know your electrical installations haven’t been upgraded in a long time
  • If you fuse board has either asbestos flash guards, a wooden back, cast-iron switches or all three
  • If you keep having problems with flickering lights, unresponsive sockets and overloading
  • If your fuse board doesn’t have any RCD’s (common for fuse boards over 25 years old)
  • If you are planning a renovation, extension, rewiring or other major property project

At Barnes Electrical Ltd, we inspect and replace old fuse boards as an individual service or as part of other electrical works, such as a house rewire. Our electricians in Kingston are experts at bringing the safety of electrical installations up to meet the latest industry standards. The work requires the power to be turned off during the upgrade, but our professionals will work quickly and efficiently to reduce any disruption to your day. After the installation, a full inspection and test will be carried out and any minor issues rectified.

Checks performed whilst upgrading old fuse boards often bring to light electrical issues which have been in the home for a long period, helping to improve the overall safety of electrics at your property.

Barnes Electrical Ltd upgrade fuse boards for domestic customers in Kingston and throughout the surrounding area. Call us today on 0208 5473963 for a free estimate.